Topeka, Kansas - a Bicycle Friendly Community

Bicycles and Topeka are made for each other, and while bicycling does not work for every Topekan or every trip, it can play a significant role in the city’s transportation system. The Topeka Bikeways Master Plan is dedicated to making Topeka a place that encourages its citizens to use this healthy, low impact, and intrinsically fun form of transportation as a great part of their routine lives.






Bikeways Master Plan Update

The MTPO is in the process of updating the community’s 2012 Bikeways Master Plan which Shawnee County residents voted to implement as part of the Countywide ½ cent sales tax in 2014. Up to $3.5 million of sales tax will be allocated through 2031 to build-out the bikeways network as envisioned by the Plan. By the end of 2019, the network will have almost 64 miles of on-street bike facilities including bike lanes (6%), multiuse side-paths (24%), and road signage/sharrows (70%). The network also includes 31 miles of off-street concrete trails (e.g., Shunga Trail). The City of Topeka primarily implements on-street biking facilities within the city, while Shawnee County and townships manage off-street recreational trails and on-street bicycling facilities beyond the city limits.  

The purpose of the Bikeways Master Plan Update is to 1) ensure Topeka continues to be a bike-friendly community, and 2) help guide future funding that achieves a low-stress/high use bikeways network for people of all ages and abilities.  Help us better understand how well the current Bikeways Master Plan is serving the community and what changes or priorities should be emphasized going forward.   The survey below will be open until September 6.

Save the Date...

We will be holding a public open house on Thursday, August 29 at the Shawnee County Health Department (2600 SW East Circle Drive) from 4:30-6:30PM with a brief presentation at 5PM by our consultants, Toole Design Group.

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